Its That favorite time of the year again! BACK TO SCHOOL!!!   Where I live in central massachusetts area, we go back to school on the 28th of August.  I remember when I taught in central Florida, Clewiston…Students would go back to school on the 2nd week of August, but we would be out very early in June.  Here in Mass, we used to start after labor day, but with the snow that we tend to get, we would end up being in school until late June! No fun!  Anyway, the time is coming near…my son and his friends worst nightmare! We dont know his teacher yet, but we got our back to school supply list. Im thinking I may try and tackle that this week. I havent bought any back to school clothes as of yet, the weather is just too hot for pants, so I figure he can wear his summer clothes until late September and by then it should be cool enough for pants and longer sleeves.  Anthony is going into third grade this year.  He was supposed to be working hard at his reading list this summer, but that has been a struggle! A summer full of  swimming in the pool, video games, and late nights……this is going to be a challenge!  My goal over the next couple weeks is school supplies, working on that reading list and (attempting) to get him back to an earlier bed time!!!  Any suggestions?? I do have to say, I love summers….but I am really excited for back to school and getting some assemblance of order back into this household!!!

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